Become a WordPress Theme Developer

Get the skills to pursue a career in WordPress development, freelance, or start your own theme shop.

Ready to make your first theme?

Learn how to create this modern and responsive theme from scratch.

“I learned so many things from your entire course and learned the right way of developing a WP Theme. I was just looking for a good tutorial and got it right away, thank you again Ben.” - Hossain Saddam

Finally! A detailed course on theme dev

Have you tried other courses on theme development?

Do you still struggle to make your own themes?

The problem is, most courses on theme development move way too fast. They don’t fully explain each step, they give you big chunks of code to copy and paste, and they introduce too much extra technology you don’t really need.

This course is for anyone who wants a truly step-by-step guide on making WordPress themes. You’ll develop an honest understanding of how themes work so you can confidently create them on your own.

Learn at your own pace

Most people learn by doing, not by getting lectured.

In this written course, you’ll get detailed explanations of every single line of code and encounter small challenges along the way to test your new skills.

When you build a theme from scratch, you get to see how everything fits together and you won’t have any code in your theme you don’t understand.

And here’s the cool part…

Lasting value

At the end of the course, you’ll have a fully functional and complete WordPress theme. Because you’ll be so familiar with the codebase, you can reuse this theme as a starting point for all future themes you make.

I should also mention that ThemeDevTutorials has a library of additional theme development courses you can use to upgrade your theme and add cool new features like custom logos, mobile toggle menus, and sidebars.

And now I should probably tell you a bit about myself…

Who am I?

I’m Ben Sibley, and I’m the founder of Compete Themes. I’ve been running my theme shop since 2014 and still actively develop and release new WordPress themes.

Over the years, I’ve published 18 themes on and those themes have since accumulated over 1,000,000 downloads and maintain an average rating of 4.97/5 from the users who download them.

Mission News is my latest theme on

Start on top

The code you find in this course has been used in my themes and tested across tens of thousands of real, live websites.

I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent debugging weird issues and dealing with strange quirks in WordPress. You’ll get to skip all of that hassle and get straight to the polished code and results.

Here’s what you get

When you signup, you’ll get access to the complete theme development course with over 28,000 words of detailed instruction across 18 sections and 58 lessons. You’ll also get access to the growing course library on

Here’s a sneak peek inside:

Create a better future for yourself

WordPress now powers more of the web than at any other point in history - over 26% of all websites!

The skills you learn here with be valuable for a long time and help you reach your goals whether that’s a job in WP development, a freelancing gig, or a dream to launch your own theme shop.

I hope you’re excited to begin your journey as a theme developer. I’ll see you inside!

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the course before signing up, please use the contact form here to get in touch. Thanks!